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Professional experience
The only company to send a journeyman technician to do the estimate, I appreciate this. No sales tactics, just sound advice on what I needed. A great experience from start to finish. I highly recommend considering Air Handlers for your needs, you'll like the way they do business.

Daniel D.

Great job
Professional from the first call for help to the installation of the new furnace. Really happy with the new furnace, and have confidence with Air Handlers and their staff.

Lloyde N.

Very friendly efficient service. Steve, the service tech,was extremely helpful, worked efficiently and answered all our questions. Nice folks to work with!

Addie and Richard S.

About the furnace: We are pleased to have a new highly efficient LENNOX gas furnace installed to replace our 22 year old model. The heating comfort level is steady and without the frequent drafty sensation we were accustomed to. It has performed exactly how Steve M. clearly explained during the proposal process. The installation process: The installation process was amazing. The team (Steve and Larry) arrived on time, got to work, and completed the entire process in 4 hours. They were efficient, while being patient handling my inquiries and communicating their progress throughout the process. As a bonus Steve problem solved and corrected several problems that had existed with the old system. Now it feels like our heat pump and furnace are truly fully integrated for ultimate efficiency and comfort. It is all very smooth and gratifying. The Air Handlers, Inc. team (Steve & Larry) did a great job in all aspects of the installation process. If you are considering a heating/cooling project, I recommend considering inclusion of Air Handlers, Inc. in the proposal process.

Gary M.

First of all Wow! What a great furnace — we are very pleased. The heating comfort level is steady and without the frequent drafty sensation we were accustomed to when heating with the heat pump... now it feels like our heat pump and furnace are truly fully integrated for ultimate efficiency and comfort. It is all very smooth and gratifying. You and Larry did a great job in all aspects of the installation process. We appreciate your workmanship and professionalism and attention to detail. This is often missing with service providers. So thank you once again for taking care of us.

Gary M.

The technicians from Air Handlers were friendly, efficient, very knowledgeable about the product and the installation process. Explained the system operation and thermostat in detail.

Jeff Z.

Always on time. Explained in detail about how to maintain furnace. Helped me understand how a heat pump works. Very thorough!

Gloria P.

I cannot say how comfortable I am working with this company. I had them install a heat pump in my former house, enjoyed their recommendations, learned what true comfort was (why hadn't I done this years ago). Bought a new place and the FIRST mod was to Air Handlers, so confident in the quality, workmanship and value I didn't even seek other bids, did it before and why repeat it when you know the winner. You want HVAC work done on your home, want it done right, and want to know what it costs up front... Air Handlers Game over

John L.

Steve Margullis and his associates both did an outstanding job, removing the old furnace and heat pump; and installing the new replacement units at my home yesterday. They arrived in a timely way and did a thorough, complete, quiet, and clean job. All this was while working during one of our Olympia, WA heavy rainy days. They checked repeatedly to assure that both heat and air conditioning were working correctly. Steve showed me how to use the new thermostat and how to replace the furnace filter. They cleaned up the work areas and hauled away the discarded parts when they left. Steve had previously introduced me to Generations Credit Union of Olympia. So financing was in place well before the job had begun. He provided the information for me to go online and register the new units with Lennox. (I did this yesterday afternoon. However, after completing the registration, the online site did not confirm that my registration had been accepted). I have always liked the service that I have received from Air Handlers over the years, both at my home and at my business (Boulevard Animal Clinic, Olympia, WA). It feels so good to have a warm home, as I write this review. I know that Air Handlers will always be available to address my concerns.


Robert G.

Air Handlers installed our Lenox furnace a couple of years agoand we were so pleased with them that we selected them to install our new air conditioning system. Great workers were on time and did an excellent job both in installation and cleanup. The State and City inspectors were pleased with their work. What else can I say, they provided us with great service.


Professional, locally owned company. They have expertly answered all my questions in a timely manner. The installationwent as planned. I have used this company in the past and have always been pleased with their service and products.


Steve was very good to work with. He answered my questions, addressed my requests and made the changes I asked for. The models I purchased are manufactured in the US. Lennox should expand their rebate program to include all models made in the US.


I had several companies give me an assessment for installation of a complete system. This was the best product at the greatest price. In fact, I had a quote from a different shop that quoted me the exact same system but for $4k more. Installation was fast but very professional. Very, very happy with my new system, the service and the company. Everyone from service personnel to people in the office that assisted me in getting financed, and made sure everything was done in a timely manner so that I was able to receive the max rebates from several sources. They literally saved my wife's life as she cannot be in any temp above 70 or she has relapses and has to be hospitalized. They installed the system within just a few days from me calling them and without any additional charges. The whole house is cool and air is evenly distributed. Excellent product, professional and friendly installation, a service company that goes above and beyond to help and service their customers by treating them not as just another service contract bu treating us as people by understanding and solving our HVAC needs and problems. Greatest HVAC company in the North West.


Two of your experts were home yesterday and installed my new furnace. Not only were they efficient, but each were an extra help.

Steve knew something was wrong with the vent pipe and got up on the roof and fixed it. And Chris suggested a second alarm and wrote down the brand name. I appreciated their help and think you have two fine young men working for you.

M. Wilson

We purchased a new furnace from a local Big Box store. We already had a heat pump. We were told that the heat pump would connect without problem to the new furnace. However, the heat pump didn’t work, so we called Air Handlers.

Bryan came out to service the heat pump. He found where the heat pump wasn’t hooked up correctly to the furnace, and also noticed problems with the way the furnace had been installed. Bryan continued with the service of the heat pump – we called the Big Box store and they came back to correct and finish the job. Without Air Handlers help we may have lived with a furnace and heat pump that weren’t really working as they should.

Many thanks to Donna, Bryan, and all at Air Handlers for their help. Once the Big Box warranty is over, we will be going with Air Handlers, Inc.

Jerry and Jackie

I wanted to let you know what great service we (again) received from your folks when our AC stopped over the 4th of July heat wave. Steve was just as responsive as always and Bryan never gave up coming back multiple times to solve the problem. Your guys always make us feel like we are your most important client and we know you are doing your very best for us. Thank you all again, we hope to keep you as our air handlers always. :)

Pam and Garey

Cannot thank you enough for the GREAT JOB on our furnace! It is nice to know that there are still ethical people and businesses out there. You are #1 in our book!

Rick and Patti

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the great service we recently received. On Friday, November 14th, we began having issues with our furnace. On the following Monday I stopped by the shop and made arrangements to have the furnace serviced.

Tuesday afternoon Bryan arrived, checked out the furnace, made the necessary repairs and didn't leave until he was satisfied everything was working properly. He was efficient, curteous and totally professional. He patiently answered my questions and explained what was going on with the furnace. He was even gracious with my five year old grandson. In short, he was an excellent representative of your company.

I've been an Air Handlers customer since we built our house in the mid-seventies. I can't imagine having anyone else heating our house. Count me as a totally satisfied and loyal customer.

Thank you.


"I rarely write a letter to a business telling them about their service. I am doing so because of the complete satisfaction Air Handlers has provided with the installation of our new Lennox high efficiency gas furnace, air conditioner and especially the "Pureair" air purification system.

As you know, before your company preformed the installation, I interviewed and received bids from four HVAC companies. After exhaustive product research and looking at all of the alternatives, we selected your company to do the work - and we are really glad that we did. The comfort of our home has increased dramatically since the installation of the Lennox equipment. Our complaints before the installation centered around poor air circulation, forceful blowing of cold air with the fan continually on, household dust, and pet dander issues and of course the lack of air conditioning.

The installation was done in December 2002 and we immediately noticed an improvement in the comfort of our home. After going through both heating and cooling seasons, we are extremely satisfied with:

  • Lennox G32V 94% high efficiency variable speed gas furnace. Gone are the drafts, poor circulation and rooms that were either too cold or too hot, because the variable speed fan is continuously gently circulating the air, providing comfort to every room - and we can't even hear it run! We are actually able to keep our home warmer and still save money on our gas bill.
  • Lennox Elite 13 air conditioner. It is so quiet that the only way we can know it is running is to go outside and look at the unit! We only wish that our neighbor had a quiet Lennox air conditioner because we can hear his run in our house - but we can't hear our own one run! While our houses were built at the same time to the same standards, I have noticed that his AC runs a lot more than ours - obviously due to the 13.2 SEER rating of our air conditioner. Incidentally, both of our homes are basically the same square footage and our air conditioners are both 3-ton units. I won't mention the brand, but suffice it to say that it is not a Lennox. Having a cool home in hot weather is great!
  • Lennox Pureair air purification system - WOW - has that made a difference! My wife had continual eye irritation problems because of pet dander from one of our dogs. The area around her eyes was red and swollen most of the time. The change in her condition did not happen overnight -it actually took a couple of months to "clean up" the air in our home. For the past 3 months, the redness and irritation in her eyes has been gone. Now, she can have the dog on her lap without fear of her condition flaring up. There have been no other changes in her life that could possibly account for the improvement in her health. While the entire Lennox system has been great, the Pureair air purification system has made the entire change out worth its weight in gold. We are grateful for the change in her health. Incidentally, the dust in our household has been easily cut in half - we both love that!
  • Please feel free to use this letter as you see fit. I am sure it will go in a file that contains many more testimonies of your companies' competence and commitment to the customer. I have no hesitation in recommending the Lennox equipment to anyone - and have done so several times. Even more important than the superior equipment, is your personal integrity and the manner in which you conduct your business. It is easy to see why you have been a successful locally owned company for over [39] years! Please accept our personal thanks and we wish you and your company continued great success in the future."

Dan and Debbie K., Olympia

"Too often we are quick to write letters of complaint and forget to let someone know when…they are doing a good job. I would like to take a few minutes now to say THANK YOU.

I called you, frantically, with water all over the floor from our air conditioner/heat pump. Within one (1) hour, one of your team was walking through my front door to fix the problem. I just wanted to say thank-you for your prompt and courteous service.”

Sandy E., Emery Systems, Tumwater

"Just a note from one long time Thurston County contractor to another - thanks Air Handlers, Inc. for your professional and prompt service to our heating and air conditioning needs on our custom residential jobs. It's nice to be able to depend on our sub-contractors to keep to our agreed-upon schedule with quality workmanship and competitive pricing. Thanks again for being there for us - it makes our job easier. Thanks also for the real person with a friendly voice that answers the phone."

Mike M., Michael E. McAferty Construction, Inc.

"We were delighted that upon calling...for service repair, your company was still able to respond and [do] work [for] us in the same day. Thank you again for such outstanding service and we will certainly recommend you folks to our friends in need of new or repair services of their heating systems"

Ray & Betty G., Olympia,

"I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which our furnace replacement was handled. All of your appointments were on time and the personnel were pleasant and obviously knew their jobs. The furnace is doing an excellent job. We feel that it heats more evenly than our old furnace. We have enjoyed doing business with your company. We will gladly recommend you to our friends."

Roland & Jean S., Olympia

"First, we want to thank all of your staff for the professional way in which you presented yourself to us. We feel very fortunate that after three separate bids presented to us, we selected your company to do our heating and cooling system.

My main concern outside of the system being efficient was the noise factor. We chose (upon your suggestion) to install the LENNOX HPXB15- 3-ton heat pump and the CBX32MV Variable speed (indoor air handlers). Words don't explain the satisfaction we have gotten with this new system...our new budget payment for our electrical service has been reduced by $28.00 per month.

Another concern of ours was the installation of an air filtration system. My wife has asthma and uses three different inhalers each day...and three different medications....We opted to go with the LENNOX (PCO-12C/20C Pure Air System).

Let me tell you how glad we are we selected the Lennox Pure Air System. We have now had the complete new system in our home for 10 months. The dust in our home has been eliminated by at least 70%...my wife's inhaler use has been cut down by 60%. Again thanks for all your help."

Bill & Esther L., Tumwater

"Thank you for a fine job. Your company is first class and very professional. Again - it's nice to deal with hardworking, professional business people."

Keliy D., Olympia

"I would like to inform you that my wife and I are very pleased with our new furnace installation on 10/14/02. My wife told me it was like we were being taken care of.”

Bob L., Centralia

"We are very pleased with the performance of the Lennox Heating/Cooling System you installed for us in July, replacing a 24-year-old 30KW conventional electric furnace. We've had no trouble of any kind with its operation, and are very much aware, we now enjoy a much more comfortable and efficiently 
heated home.

I have reviewed our electric energy consumption records for a 7-month heating period...Our electric energy use...shows a 31% average savings. The monthly savings range from...14% during October to 39% and 40% in March and April. This translates to a savings of $253.00 for the current 7-month period...."

Byron P. H., Shelton

"I am very happy with my choice and your service. I felt you listened carefully when I explained the needs of my situation, and the installation was prompt and efficient.

I was impressed with the two installers...They were thoughtful, respectful, friendly and careful.... Having good installers is very important to your customers. Again, thank you for your help."

Beverly Y. K., Olympia

"Kaufman Brothers Construction has partnered with Air Handlers for many years and has built a long respected relationship with them. They are a family owned and operated business and can deliver personalized quality service, with a fair price...

When using Air Handlers we have confidence in the quality of their work and the product we will receive. We appreciate that they stand behind their work with a personal guarantee. Using Air Handlers eliminates the anxiety and frustrations because we are confident we are in good hands and will be treated fairly every time we work with them.

It has been a pleasure working with them and we look forward to many more years of service with their company."

Theresa L. K., Kaufman Brothers Construction, Olympia