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Custom Sheet Metal

Historical PhotoToday, recent discoveries have unveiled sheet metal as a material that autonomously caters for different human needs which range from household to industrial uses. The fabrication of this material made it a pivot element when it comes to sensitive electronics equipment as well as the construction of different types.

The compositions of sheet metal are in two categories; namely flat and thin, making it versatile in usability. The thick metal sheets are known as plates, and those with thin textures are called leaf. Opting for Custom Sheet Metal fabrication enables you to have a personalized concept or an idea giving it an exact look that suits you as well as the purpose. Whether for domestic use like Decorative Sheet Metal, Custom Sheet Metal, Metal Sheet Ventilation, sheet metal cutting, sheet metal fabrication, or industrial; how fabrication is being done as well as the purpose of the design should be the key element to be considered before fabricating Custom Sheet Metals.

Factors that usually determines the metal component used in fabrication is the type of project as well as clients’ specifications. There is nothing more satisfying than planning and accomplishing a perfect Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications design or sheet metal cutting service. The purposes are enormous. Whether for industrial purpose, commercial usefulness or residential use, Sheet Metal Fabrications are of great use everywhere.

Air Handlers is one of the few H.V.A.C. contractors in the area that still operate a full sheet metal shop and remain “tinsmith” craftsmen by trade. We can design, fabricate and install custom architectural roofing such as; cupolas, mansards, flashing and chimney tops. Also, we can install kitchen fixtures such as backsplashes, countertops and range hoods. And black iron fabrication; classic car restoration pieces, equipment repair parts, as well as any artistic custom copper or stainless steel piece you have in mind.

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